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What do you use to get rid of zits?!

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I used to be the queen of bad skin when I was 11-15. I've tried everything. Literally. I've gone so far as to putting hot bacon grease on my breakouts to sear them open. I think it's just something that you have to outgrow and find the stuff that works best with your skin in the meantime. Everyone I know who's had bad skin, including myself, just had to outgrow it.


As for what you can use, there's countless things on the market and experimenting is about all you can do when it comes to finding the right product. Most people say that Clearasil is some of the best stuff to use, but I wouldn't know because I'm not bothered by breakouts anymore.

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Try birth control pills.






The pill has worked wonders with my skin ( I have been on it now for 6 months) plus I go to a spa every other month and treat myself to a facial. I have no more use for Clearasil happy to say :lol:



I did not mention the pill on my earlier post being that some of you all are young, but since Wolfie brought it up what the hell they work.

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Yeah my skin is MUCH better now. I went to to DG to get countless shiz.. and I finally found GOOD stuff. Make up remover clothes.. (YES they work good for blemishes too!) and Noxema astringent stuff. Now, I can actually look at people in the eye and not have my hair in my face to hide everythinG! thanks kids! Keeep itt reee-aL


Oh! and clearzit. Its like a lotion.. but BOY it gets stingy here and there.. But it takes zits RIGHT away.. and it was only a dollar at DG!

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this is really late, but it looks like i'm gonna be pretty late on alot of my posts...


what i do is get some normal cottonballs. then i use loreal hydrafresh toner first (it's a pink looking liquid; about $7 a bottle). i rub that all over my face. then when i get done using that, i use a product thats similar to clearasil, but it doesn't dry out my face so much. i use a very small tube of some kind of equate stuff. not sure exactly, and i don't really feel like looking at the moment lol.


i still get a few zits every now and then, but they're really not that noticeable. so i'm sure the stuff i use works really good. =)

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i hate zits.. seriously.. u should ask some of my friends they'll tell u that i'm always obsessing about my face.. i started getting acne on my nose when i was around 10, and really didn't do too much except use these stupid gay little pads that really didn't help and wash my face 3 times a day. about 2 weeks ago i got proactiv. gah >< it KINDA helps but idk.. my nose is better but now i have stupid zits on my forehead <_<
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