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The day I gave my baseball cards away

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My baseball card collection spanned 3 years, 1956-57-58. My prize was the 1956 Mickey Mantle. It was the year Mantle won the Triple Crown. That card is valued at $400 on ebay. My black sheep cousin stole it from my room when my mother called me to the kitchen to eat. I was 12 and inconsolable. By 1972, I had long since outgrown baseball cards. I wanted to let them go but was unsure how. I put the shoeboxes full in the backseat of my car and was driving around with them. I stopped at a gas station to fill my tank. As I was pumping gas, a conversation began with a guy next to me. He glanced into my back seat and spotted the baseball cards. He asked what I was going to do with them. I said I did not know. He said he had a young son and asked if he could have them. I consented. That was the day I gave my baseball cards away.


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