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Greenday Concert


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Wow...i went to a GreenDay Concert! It was sooooo fun!!!!!! I was never a huge fan of GD but they rocked!!! hahahaha, my cousin started flirting w/ a bunch of guys so i pitched in. But during half the songs they were sitting, so i was like 4get them.What type of losers sit down during a GD concert?



Then at the parking lot i met a guy who was randomly dancing and i hugged him 4 times. lol. also some old dude came up 2 me and my cuz and our pals and told us not 2 do drugs. lol....



but the concert ROCKED. so loud such good songs....so osm!!!!!!!!!!!!



i'll probally post more in my blog lada (if i can get my internet to work) (ova kaylas rite now)





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