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Who I'd share a Wishbone with


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I'd share a Wishbone with...


Sylvester Stallone. Because he's a great boxer, a good and talented actor, positive influence and someone who doesn't give up on his goals. Lastly, this is going to sound awfully cheesey, but things he has said and done has helped me get where I'm at in Karate.


Jackie Chan. Because, well..it's pretty obvious. He's a very strong person. Mentally. I mean, he's in 4-6 different styles of Karate and has a Black Belt in each style; I'm sure he holds degrees on each Black Belt. Not exactly the best actor but he's able to add some humor into his movies while doing Martial Arts/ Karate/ Kung Fu at the same time. Many actors aren't able to do that. And because he's a positive influence.


Angelina Jolie: She's different. Very different. In a good way. And she's able to really kick some butt for a woman. I like all of those things.


There's two other Actors I'd put here but I can't think of their names for nothing =(


So that's who I'd want to share a Wishbone with.

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