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Wear Yellow Livestrong Bands


Should people be allowed to make a profit off of them?  

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For those that don't know what they are, the Livestrong Bands are the yellow rubber wristbands that were being sold for $1/each by Nike, and every dollar raised was being donated to the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF from now on in this post) which does cancer research among other things. Originally only 5 million were made to be sold, but 15 million (as of this post) have been sold so far.


Well, needless to say, there are some insensitive jerks who are now selling them on Ebay among other places, and currently they are going for $10/each. "So?" you may ask? Well, that $10 (or $9 when you consider that they paid $1 for it) isn't going towards the LAF, and that has a lot of people pissed, to say the least.


So, morally, do you think people should be able to sell them and make a profit off of them?


Please vote and post your opinions on the matter...


Visit the official Lance Armstrong Foundation website.. http://www.laf.org/


Here is a picture of the wristband for those that haven't seen them yet...


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I am one of those people that are pissed over the ebay crap.


These bands were made to promote awareness and raise funds for LAF.. not so that some idiot capitalizing off of their popularity can make a quick buck. The people who buy them off of ebay should consider going to the LAF store and just ordering them from there. Yea there is a 3-4 week shipping delay but does that really matter 1) its cheaper 2) ALL of the money is going to the foundation and not some smucks pocket.


These bands weren't meant to be worn because they are popular. They were meant to be worn to show support for cancer survivors and for those who didn't win the battle.


Who do I wear mine for?


My uncle Luke, who died at 35 due to panceratic cancer

My great aunt maybel who died at 69 due to breast cancer

My uncle Mark who gets cancerous tumors on his hands and shoulders

My three little cousins who are currently fighting lueakema

My godmothers brother who has been fighting prostate cancer

My coworker Carol who survived breast cancer

My rat Jacob (yes my rat, cancer reasearch does indirectly help animals suffering from it as well) who died before he was a year old due to a cancerous tumor.



If your one of those ebay buyers you should consider why you want one before you order. If its just for popularity, go ahead, get it off ebay. Otherwise, you know where to get it now.



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I don't understand why you are upset about this. You are not saying the ones for sale on ebay are counterfeit, are you? If not, then the sellers on ebay are buying them from Nike, who are making the profit they intended to get, to support the foundation.


In fact, the website isn't even selling them as singles. Why else Nike sell them at $1,200 for a case of 1200 (full, so called, "retail price") if they weren't expecting them to be resold? And who would go to the trouble to buy and sell them if not for a profit? This might be the only feasible way so many could get into circulation.


If the foundation thinks it's fine, it's OK with me too. :D

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Naw, I'm not against them selling them. Its the profit part that bothers me.


When you go to footlocker to buy the bands, they are a dollar a piece. They earn no profit at all. They simply make back the money they put in to buy them in the first place.


The bands were pretty popular before the Tour De France this year, but gradually increased and then finally skyrocketed after Lance won. During this skyrocket, the demand was overwhelming. It bothers me that people are taking advantage of the demand, overpricing them, and people order simply to get them sooner than the 3-4 week waiting period. I honestly can't see why it matters if you get them 1 day or 4 weeks from the date you ordered them. Its not about the bands its about the charity and the idea behind the bands themselves. LiveStrong is imprinted on them for a reason.. its to inspire people to 'live strong' and overcome the hardships of cancer. I myself bought a box of 10, and waiting for them. I plan on giving them to the people that I care about, or that I know have fought or have family that has fought cancer... like the customer that comes through my line every Weds. She had breast cancer and had both breasts removed as a result. She has to live with the rude comments that are made towards her flatness. She manages to take it in stride.. she lives strong. I wish I had a 5th of the courage that she has. When I look at my band I see her and all my family members who have fought or are fighting the battle against cancer. Thats what these bands are for.. inspiration and a source of funds for a charity that helps so much. It doesn't seem right to take advantage of that.

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If these people want to sell them on eBay, that's just stupid. Yeah, if they were to donate ALL of the money they get for one to the Charity, then fine.


But these jerks who keep the profit.. Well.. DIE!


You should buy one for yourself or family etc. to raise the money for the charity. No making Profits. No Re-Selling for Profits. No wrong.

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Wow, I didn't know people were selling the livestrong bands on ebay! It disgusts me to find this out. I did know that some company (Nike?) starting making and selling colored bands just for profit, which is wrong in my opinion. I believe this started because the livestrong bands were in high demand and this company decided to make a profit from the inability of the livestrong foundation to meet the demand fast enough (i sound like high school economics). Anyway, that disgusted me enough, and now to find out individuals are selling the bands for personal profit just makes me wonder how many good, honest people are truly in the world; or are these just a few individuals skewing the picture?
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I am against the bands in general. Yes it initially raised awareness. Now it seems it is the cool thing to do. Why am I against it ? Costs money to produce. Costs to maintain web site or other promotion. Costs to ship.


Just send a donation to your favorite charity and let them get full use of your dollar.

Yes I have lost several family members to cancer and will probably be diagnosed myself one day.


My 2 cents.

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