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Ok, in short.. I lost EVERYTHING...


Ok, it's not that bad...


I lost everything after my last forum backup on 9/22. I was able to get a partial backup and recover the memberlist, personal messages, contact lists (the few who used it), and a few other items.


But as for the messages... :(


What I'm considering doing is setting up another location, like http://archives.dacity.com/ and have everything up to 9/22 (and the current memberlist) set up over there, but only for viewing purposes.


That will give an archive to read from while at the same time letting us all start with a clean board.. I managed to recover the forum sections, but I'll probably wipe a lot of those to re-organize some.


I'll give more details when I have them...

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Everything after 9/22, post wise, is GONE.


I figure that I'll just let the board start over fresh, with the memberlist intact.. And I'll probably bring over a topic or two so we can have something to start us off with. One benefit.. It'll be easier to decide how to organize things now. :lol:

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