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Okay..i havent posted in a while

Let me recap or..w/e!



Charlie aka Craigs old best friend asked me out 3 hours later after I dumped Craig. Yea..pretty funny if u ask me. We have been goin out since Halloween. I got him the DVD Fever Pitch for Christmas :-D

I got my hair highlighted again. Im pretty blonde now >< FYI;Proactive works like a dream. Not one zit! who woulda guessed?

Now..some bad stuff...theres this guy rite? I been his friend for a while. I recently talked to him..and i was mad at him for not rlly opening up. But..when i found out why i felt like a huge jerk. If I said srry though it would be killing off so much pride. He talked to me..and said if I can step outta his life. And hes not ganna stop me. And that no matter what though..he'll always love me.

Now..i know that sounds stupid..but this guy is rlly close to me. Like a serious serious brother. Like..i know him better than Justin or even my own Dad. Idk..it seems stupid..but it just hurts so bad...


We dont die from a broken heart

We only wish we did




-alicia xoxo-


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