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Ok, lets recap my last few weeks....


My stupid self got in a stupiiiiiid relashionship with this stupid guy! We kiss, and suddenly everyones all "oooo alicia slept w/ some1" im like what?!

Its so stupid, next thing i flippin find out is that hes been tellin ppl we made out which is gettin me mad!

He was expelled for 3 days. okokok, we planned to spend halloween together. then in school he did the "kkk" symbol. that aint kool w/ me AT ALL. whatsoever.

so i wanna dump him but hes EXPELLED(well idk what its called but its when ur not aloud to go to school 4 a few dats). so he calls me, i just cancel halloween plans by lying. Why didnt i brake up w/ him u may ask? Good question. Because i wanna do it to his face. Hes like "im not racist...i dated a black girl before"

ok, this is more of an excuse, i dont like him anyways. why? i'll tell u y, we went to a skating place, he didnt even hold my hand, he just went off while i was falling by myself! WHAT A JERK. So, i can just say im mad at him for this >: )

Then i got my other friend mad. hes going through some crap, and im just being a jerk. I seriously have pushed him b4, but i guess this was to far. Im not saying im messin w/ him emotions...but i sorta am. NOT ON PURPOSE. i just yell at ppl, and hes always there. So now we're both sorta not talking but we are. I've talked to him a few times lately. I just feel bad. His aim profile is always sad. blah blah blah. oooo welll..............

I came back from the mall. Got a holister pullover. It looks so good on me. The preppy boys in the store are so funny. Clothes shouldnt look THAT FIT on guys. It should have some bag on em! but nooooo, some boys are pathetic enuff to wear that crap. That stuff on girl=yes.

That stuff on boys=NO.

I ran into like 3 preppy boys. O well...i thought it was funny. On my way to get something to eat me and chrissy saw some cute guy and i walked into a wall. YET AGAIN. no this time i did NOT think this was a push open door....i just got uh "distracted" tee hee

OMG, OMG...! on my progress report i got all A-'s and A's..! yayyy, to bad my grades have probally gone in the gutter since then!

CHEERLEADING IS FINISHED. CAN I GET A W0000T. To bad basketball is starting up soon. Im si bad ar basketball..its so pathetic. O well...




write lada,







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