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Does SHOOT ME mean a thing?



Comp is in 3 weeks and im ashamedddddd! My squad is doin wicked bad! i flipped out on some girls like three times tonight. I dont even care. Im so disgusted in how things are going. GRRR




ok, good and bad news


The boy i like chose the same book as me in reading. YAY WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON


BAD NEWS: I guess the book sux. We had to pick of the stupidest list. Im reading "surving the applewhites" its so dumb! The cover is so creepy! it reminds me of this girl rachel i know, and some dude brandon i know. Rachel, has her hair like a man. And Brandon is all like..ROAR. You know..the scary look.

But brandon..brandon...brandon. What happened? Thats what i would love to know. I used to be terrified cause he was all scary when i was in 6th. Ova the summer i got his sn, i saw a pic, and hes ina band or sumthin, idk! But oooo myy...he was soooo hott. He de-spiked his hair, and it looked like..shaggy-ish. His clothes were kool! and and and..no make up. I ACTUALLY SAW HIS FACE. LIKE OMG RITE! so then i see him after summer...he goes back to his scary self. Its like roar.

So I gatta ask myself. Whats wrong with me. I know my personality sux..and im ugly, but come onnnn. Boys just push theirselves away from me. I mean, other fish in the sea rite? well HA. just HA. finally, im so pleased. I have set myself a goal. Its been since summer since i've had a bf. Come onnnnn, this is sad and pathetic.


Plan:.Get a boyfriend

Deadline:.2 months



its all planned out. Mwahaha. Its all perfect! well..okokok. Im not looking for head over heels commitment. But boys are useful. I mean...some are reallll jerks. And some are sweeties. I havent met a sweetie yet. I mean..as sad as it issssss, the sweetest thing i think was ever said to me is "You have beautiful eyes" thats BAD. Hmm...who wants to tell me why thats bad? o i know! some freak at the mall said it to me (kayla hahahaha)

Ladies lets be honest, have any of u met a sweet guy? I bet not. There just arent any. Which is OKAY. It is totally fine. Cause, I myself dont know any sweet girls. So hey, see the connection?

So back to point...


That plan could do well

Or backfire 100 %


Between cheerleading, soon CCD,school,drama,basketball...i dont even need a boyfriend. So many even just make some friends. Either way this MUST work out.



I hate 7th grade! Nothing is making this year easier. I just wanna shootmyself! Homework is evil. Teachers are cruel. I mean come on. Why white unit? I want purple... =(


The exorsism of emily rose i MUST SEE THIS WEEKEND. my cuz jackie totally backed out on my last weekend. grrrrrrrr!



well..gatta take a shower, im sweaty from cheerleading





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