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Eh! Throbbing



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Oh Snap! I woke up this morning with a throbbing headache. Sh*t I know it is due to stress and my stupid sinus problems. Man it feels like my head will explode at any moment ........ BAM! Well, if migraines were lethal I would be six feet under by now.

Like I am so not going anywhere today I am blowing off everything man yay to hell with it all today. I feel as crappy as the weather BLAH!!!! I just want to go back to bed pull the covers over my head an like so zone the hell out. I am one moody biotch right now. College is going well for the most part all my classes deal with education so that is coolio. I am doing my hours at two different schools so like I am dealing with both 5th graders and HS kiddies. Yay I want to kill some of them jeez. I am doing my hours in a title one schools. That is low income for those of you all that do not know anyhoo I am quickly picking up my espanol. I am understnding so much of the language yay me. *dances* Well I am outta here man so http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a371/dream19/smileys%20only/bye.gif


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