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3 day weekends rock



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Morning All Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a great day so far. I feel so relaxed and happy today for some reason. I am really not sure why. It is a good feeling though. Maybe it is due to a 3 day weekend yay me.

I love that I get 3 day weekends. They are da bomb man. No college classes yay and an extra day to chill like as much as I can ya know it's definately a perk. I'm still in my pj's watching tv and chillin out. Sis is sleeping and my man is at work. I know that I have things to do, but the Procrastination Queen is in da house. Like got an extra day...why bother....YAY! Gonna check out my email and other forums till my man gets home. Later Dawg. :popcorn:



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