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Bored... ????? What the?

The Joker


hey, just checking in before i hit the long road back to being a dormant Em.. so... how have ya'll been? I have been well, cheering for my Colts to win against the NE Pats.. They did it though!! Now they have to take a shot gun to the Bears and kill em next!


I have been rather bored past 23 days of the month of January.. hoping it would snow for at least ONE snow day outta school! My personal life has been taken a blow.. Patrick died in a car accident, he was killed by a drunkee.. I saw pics of the wreck too.. it is soooo horrible looking.. and i saw him.. his body is unrecognizable...


I have a new cell phone.. a SanYo Katana from Sprint. Kinda.. expensive.. I went overboard on buying ringers and wall paper.. so.. ><


I have been progressing even further into my success as a Viola player.. playing harder songs and attending more concerts. One is like.. a weird title with scary sound.. "The Curse of the Rosin Eating Zombies From Outer Space"


I am steadily raising money for the Washington D.C. trip.. We go to the Smithsonian and etc.. maybe even a yacht.. We go on a charter bus and stay in a hotel...


I have been dealt with backstabbing friends past few weeks...


I went to the Colts vs. Pats game.. and Trace was lucky enough to get Peyton Manning's autograph!! Lucky.. <<


In Mr. Atkinson's English 8 class, we are reading a play over Anne Frank and he made us do a simulation!! We had to wear stars for a week and carry around ID papers... And the teachers could violate you with anything!! I got 2 violations and MIRACOUSLY I died... WAAAAAAHHHH!!! :((


I've been adjusting to a new schedule change in my school year and over all... I am good.. I hope to be able to write more interesting things soon..


A n G i E


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