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Last night I went to an avril lavine concert. There were two opening acts:

Butch Walker

Gavin Degraw


Butch Walker was hardcore, loud,osm, i loved him! One of his guitarists had a flippin afro! HE WAS OSM. Then Butch sang a kelly clarkson song (since u been gone) sang it hardcore, and ripped it to shreds! It was wicked funny. Half the ppl from the pit left when Gavin Degraw was done...more space 4 me. A little girl who was with her mom (she was one of my moms friends daughters) was soooo cute. She doesnt even like Gavin, but he touched her hand. She was like "whatever...idc" then u see a bunch of 17 year olds who would pay 1,000,000 to touch him but didnt. lol, it was great. Kayla,my mom and me went together. But my mom kept wandering off. So w/e lol.

Avril was kick butt! There was some scary dude in back of me and i kept stepping on his foot =(. Some how once Avril came on him and his gf got in front of me. During the last song i got 2 the veryyyy front! IT WAS SO KOOL.








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