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What cha know



Man oh man I am like extremly spent man what a great weekend. Hate to see it end man back to the grind tomorrow. BLAH!. Although Im really hungry and dont know what I want for dinner seems like all we have done is eat ha ha well we had fun. Brother went back home alas but another brother with family in tow will visit on da 6th not sure how much time I will have to spend with them man 'cause it is back to college. More classes and more exams and the big ones the finals. I need all the time I can get to study. The Sunday after Thanksgiving has been a mellow one actually we said bye to my brother, went to Dennys for breakfast, and finished up all the decorations blah and clean up Blah!


Actually I have accomplished virtually nothing today accept what I just mentioned. No one has cooked and I am hungry but too lazy to get somthing to eat, so yes I will ask me sweet man to get us something maybe BK tonight. I don’t want to go to class or even work tomorrow but hell I must that is life man. Blah I need to do laundary and finish up getting our bills paid and out in da mail. I hate this so much blah. Paying da bills sucks man. Blah! Well at least we did the market yesterday. Yeah for me *applause* LOL


There is a restaurant called Roadhouse that I was told was da bomb(The food there is delicious.) so want to check it out mmmmmm yep maybe next weekend. I love to eat. I do not like to wrok out. I love to eat though man food is up there like breathing or/and great sex. Well anyhoo for me 'cause I LOVE TO EAT!!!!


Well I do have some homework to get done very little but I will most likely do it after I watch Family Guy and American Dad tonight. I wanna chill out with my man, sis, and Jay. Jay man I am gonna have start charging the man for rent. HA! HA! HA! Naw he is lucky he is my bud man. Real lucky.


Anyhoo man I needs to eat actually needs to tell my man to get me some food. Man the more I listen to the HS kids I have worked with the more I sound like them omg .... This is whacked.

HA! HA! HA! man.


One major thing I do have off my back is I am all registered for next semester. I have more hours to do this time I am gonna split it like half/kinder and half/HS hell talk about two way different worlds. Lookie I manged not to mention food. :popcorn: Anyhoo I am off ...........Dinner is ready yeah for me ..... Time to feast.


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