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Mondays just suck eggs man



Mondays just suck eggs man blah! I hate Mondays big time yo. Well even though I slacked off yeah So I am a slacker for most of this weekend I got the paper done. DONE lol like in MONSTER HOUSE DONE. I finished writing and printed at 2 am it is due today. Cut it close but its all good.

So ya I have a lack of sleep and I am moody as all hell man PMS also sucks eggs. The next happy person I see I think I am gonna bitch slap. Ugh. Well at least we are having more cool wheather so that is coolio man.

Gah! I HATE MONDAYS. I still need to eat my breakfast, get dressed and get my booty to the campus.



Heres my list of stresses at the moment yo:


1) getting all my homework done on time and well

2) studying late at night

3) knowing they are raising our home insurance here in YOU SUCK A$$ Florida by 26% and then another 50% in January.

4) Need to make appt. for office hours to see one of my prof.



Tomorrow I have to vol at the HS maybe I can find out who was the idiot who pulled the pepper sray prank stupid idiot. Oh yeah man we saw Happy Feet this weekend it is super cute kinda movie. Well like thats it for now. I should go and get some breakfast and start my day. I need to shower somewhere in there too. ehhhhhh. Today! .... I rant no more y'all. Peace out man.


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