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Finally some cooler days ahead

Mystic Rose


Finally it seems mother nature has decided to cool us down :) I was up really early this morning (something I tend to fight alot - I am not a morning person) and I went into the hot tub.


I had smooth jazz playing and candles burning and me soaking in the hot tub.


Oh the quiet the morning brings.


I feel very relaxed.


I spoke to Jay on the phone last night we had a great talk. :blush:


My friend from school also called me hee hee and I talked to him and we also had a nice conversation. :blush:



As of right now, the plan for Thanksgiving we are staying here but my older brother will be flying or driving down to see us and spend the holiday plus he is bringing a lot of things from home that I want back. :gasp:


This is my first holiday here in my new place.




The sunrises are just gorgeous...every morning God paints the sky beautiful colors for us to enjoy.


Random Quote: (Love to look up different quotes).


If you dream big inspire big and try again if you fail. Failure does not mean it was wrong you just went about it wrong.


Not much at all. Not much has gone on really so far this morning just what I wrote ^ I will be getting together with my study group later today at the uni library.


I need to mail back one of my Netflix movies and head off to the gym the one at uni it is free to all students real soon because I have not gone in a few days due to my tooth and all the pain.


Hey I am feeling better. I am happy. :D


Anyways things are going great!




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