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First Date

Mystic Rose


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ahhh I am happy, our meal last night went well, bit edgy to start with but all in all it went well and the food was great.


The company was great we ended up laughing hysterically at each other as per usual (I love that I can make him laugh) and then he kept holding my hand cheesy style over the table.



Afterwards we took a long walk the pub restaurant is very close to our campus and that area has really nice walkways.


We walked and sat on a bench to talk some more about life etc.....


He held my hand and eventually leaned in to kiss me oh my I was so not expecting a kiss.


It was real nice a sweet and tender kiss on the lips.


He took me home and we said our good nights very sweet again.


Oh um K I am blushing as I write this down.


Um to change the subject Julie and C will be back this afternoon I must say I am um happy but um sad.


I have had the house to myself all weekend hee hee I loved every minute of it only the night time bothered me a little. Will be awesome to see my sis and C again.


I am a chicken even though we have an alarm I hate being home alone at night.


I need to study today now is midterm central. As in, I have 2 next week and I need to do extremly well for both.


But that's ok. I'll do my best, right?



I have to hit the books hard again and put some things on the shelf for a while eh.


Later um I guess.


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