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Mystic Rose


The guy from school and I have been talking on the phone and in class we are sitting together really getting to know exach other. :blush: We have talked about everything.



I am seeing a lot of him lately, we are going out finally... tonight oh my!


Goin out for a meal, eep am nervous. Its like a proper date.


Dunno if I willl be overdressed, its a pub restaurant.


I plan on wearing a fancy satin top. I wonder what he will be wearing. I hope he hasn't gone overboard. eeeeep. but I cant wait to eat good food and just relax (gotta try) and enjoy his company.



I find it easy to have a conversation with him not that I do not with Jay.


As I said before Jay and I are not bf/gf ........ we like each other enough to move forward with our relationship, but we both have decided to take it slow.


In the mean time I am doing my best to keep my shyness um I do not know I am rambling on and on k.


Things can and will change that is life.




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