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A boy came up to talk to me!

Mystic Rose


Oh my and I looked terrible today (my tooth hurts) and I was dressed in sweats with my hair up oh my a mess, so I left class and as I was walking across campus (all I could think of was a LARGE coffee!), he came up and said hi. :)


Awww! A boy from my class came up to me and said hi, not just ya know, this is cute.


We talked casually as we walked outta class he asked me about my weekend so yes I told him what went on etc........


He walked with me for awhile, then had to head off to his dorm.


He actually walked a certain distance to be going along with me, and had to head off to the other direction.


Isnt that cute? He hasnt done that before. heh.


Well I feel a little guilty cause of Jay but then again we are not dating exclusive, so when he asked for my phone number I gave it to him.


So I am pretty much very happy although tired it has been a long day.


To the dentist tomorrow I am pretty sure I have a cavity um maybe two.


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