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Isn't that wonderful?

Mystic Rose


Stayed up late last night.


I hit major writer's block yesterday stressing over those two research papers which I don't know how to start . Oh, I can write, I don't think that's the problem it is getting all the research done.


I tend to procrastinate at times and I have left these two research papers for last. I still have time but I have to crack my whip and get to it asap.


So, college has been really great this year in a lot of ways. I have made friends who I enjoy being with and who I'm pretty sure enjoy being with me and slowly I am coming outta my shell.


Slowly very slowly but I guess it is progress. I am still very shy but once I get to know people things do change.


I worked again today at Curves love the place glad to see it is all women there really glad, and I am trying to work out like every other day.


I used to belong to a co-ed gym and the men there omg and some of the women saw it more as a pick up bar than a place to exercise so not for me at all, so I am very happy I joined Curves.



Well enough I need to get back to my heavy class load if I wanna chill and plop down and watch TV tonight.


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