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The Joker


Okay, here is an update on my life as of today.


I am currently 14 years old in 8th grade living in Indiana.


I have lived in Indiana all my life and I have never ever left the state in my life. I have three brothers and one sister. The all live near me. I have an Uncle and Aunt who live near the border of Ohio and Indiana. I have a cousin who lives near Muncie, Indiana. You type her name in a search engine- Katie Hacker and it will show you her name. (Also if you do that for Images search you'll see her picture too.


I have another cousin who teaches at Butler University in Indianapolis as a Foreign Exchange teacher. She gets to travel.


I have another cousin who has recently graduated but is strong in Football and is a DJ. He still lives with his mom and dad.


I have a brother named Dennis who lives with me currently at the age of 19 and works at Honda in Bloomington.


I have another brother who I can't speak of because of his disabilities. He can walk and talk and work but he had a major accident when I was younger. Then on Monday or the 10th he had a heart attack and stayed in the hospital for 3 days then was released.


My sister works at the Cook plant in Bloomington and has one daughter and two sons. She is 34 or 33.


I can't speak of my other brother.. Who is a drunk and works in carpentry at the age of 32.


My mother turned 50 years old on August 22. She died 10 years ago of Kidney cancer, when there was no cure. She was a homemaker.


I am currrently at 6'1" in my life at 14 years and am a basketball star and a football cheerleader.


My boyfriend's name is Tracy and he lives in the same county as me but attends a different school. He is 16 years old and has a large income of money so he can afford lots of stuff like my uncle and aunt.


My Uncle owned a dollhouse buisness that he recently sold to retire at the age of 64 he got to go to many places, Key West, Las Vegas, Oregon , Virginia, and many other places as well.


My dad, at age 62 used to work at Otis Elevator as a Electronic Supervisor.. He was in the Navy in the 1960s as a 2nd Class Petty Officer. He is now trying to retire.


Thank you for listening to my life story and of what my family is...


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