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Dealing with Friends, Boys, School and Acting All At The Same Time, Holy crap...

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I Think I might Break Up With Him ;/

Things w/ Naji ain't doing so well. We don't have that "spark" anymore. He's not calling, and we live 45 minutes away from each other. I just really have an interest in him. I might call him later and if he has an additude, cyah later. Today I had to go to the doctor (it wasn't fun) and I am so tired out! Oh yeah guess what, I got a signed autograph from the ONE and ONLY Adam Sandler. That's probally all the prep I have today. I'm just so wiped out! I'll see yah later.   style_emoticons/defau



How Do I Start?

Ok some ground things (Mom's a teacher, have to lay some rules down.)   1. Please don't post a message here! Only replies to my entries! 2. Please don't insult me too much, even though I doubt this rule will have any effect on anyone... 3. Don't laugh at my misspellings style_emoticons/default/sad.gif   Thats It!



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