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Later on Saturday - Time now: 9:02PM CST


BRRR - *grabs blanket* I just came from the hospital - we were there for 5 hours and 15 minutes. :sleepy:

We walked in @ 2:30, and - lo and behold - there were my half-sibs (Debbie, Donna, Darlene, and John). Then we stayed until 9:00. :huh: I'm glad that Mom told me to bring something to read because at about 4:00 I'm like, "Ok, how long are we going to be here?" Dad was really knocked out. They gave him that medicine a lot. Morphin, I think it's called. Since right now he's in hospice, they can't give it to him through an IV, because that would be keeping him alive. Not that's dead. He's just sleeping. A lot. He can't talk now (which is the most [or one of the most] depressing things about it), but they say he can hear us, since he's not fully out of it. IDK. *shug* I'm kind of numb to it all right now, but a few days ago I cried a lot. I'm just really stressed and tired. This weekend feels good, cuz otherwise I'd probably be in bed @ 9:30.

That sandwich I had there wasn't that great. I guess that's cafeteria food though, huh? Oh wait - that was from Baumgartner's.

*disgusted sigh* I just chased the cat inside. R.C. is so fat. She chased Shadow (AKA neighbor's cat) across the street and then she came back. It's getting really foggy. *sneeze*

G2G - Mom's yelling at me to get off.



-Caroline T. :mysql:


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