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the party



Okay well there was a back to school party at my friend Jason house. Totally osm!!! First me, alicia, jason, and jay ate pizza and started the party. A lot of our friends requested pop rock/ rap songs. And we listened to crazy frog while trashing his house. NO we wern't drinking we just joined in with everyone. Then we had 7 min of heaven alicia and i kissed 7 guys :eyebrow:

But any way it was OSM. There was a bunch of punks heard about the party and crashed it!!! luckily jason and jay kicked there butts out, no iffence to those guys but we didnt want them there. Sarah and carlene are goth friends of ours and they were invited though lol. later on in the night when everyone started to get out me, jay, jason, alicia, and 2 couples watched the movie "Saw" so scary but the guys were there for us :D (actually no they were scaring us) during the movie we all fell asleep on the couch. In the morning everyone was eating and me and alicia woke up and started watching the movie again. Suprisingly jason asked out alicia and the same for me and jay. Then we went to the mall. It was funny cause some dude was headbanging in our way so we asked him to move then we relised it was vincint!!!! He joined us and we dragged jay, jason, and vincint into aeropostle. They were complaining but we got matching shirts!! After they made us go into hot topic, so we thought it was a challenge so we dragged them into holister. Then we went to the food court jay slipped on soda!!! then we went on the merry go round!!! we almost got sick ;\

After jason took us home but jasons gutair was in the two bak seats so actually vincit drived and we had to sitt on them...and ya it wasnt that comfy over the bumps. Right when we get home they call us, and ask to go out to dinner. They cheep we only went to friendlys...the ice cream was gooood. But anyway then we got home, and alicia and i had a sleep over. this entry is about a week late but w/e. Well uh bye :horse:


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lol.. well that wasnt a comfy ride. Besides...concidering who was behind the wheel i had to take my frustration out somehow >:|



haha OMG member



Jay:so kayla..its a nice night out..nice and uh..romantic?

Kayla: ....it looks like its ganna rain

Jay:Romantic rain? :wub:

Kayla: Uh..no, not really :biggrin:






gowd..jay and jason...wat idiots. :P



im never eating any breakfast jason makes again...ewwwww

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