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Im opening my eyes



And starting to DESPISE the media!


I've been brought up to take everything I see on television/ hear on the radio/read in the papers with a pinch of salt, but this whole michael Jackson fiasco has really opened my eyes to the greedy monsters pulling our strings.

I always adored him, and after all the recent media coverage (the THIS IS IT :( tour and his death) I have been researching his life..


A reoccurring theme is his shyness, reluctancy to give interviews and staements. It becomes obvious as to why this is if you simply search some combinations of the following words in google;


Michael Jackson Face Molestation



I mean seriously, I believe that a thirteen year old boy (most guys start puberty at about twelve thirteen right?) not only becoming a man but a boy who is very aware of the world around him and what is acceptable and unacceptable in terms of relationships with adult males? Why would he even risk that, there's just no way! (Both boys claiming to be molested were thirteen?)


I stand by that he was proved innocent in court, despite all the negative press, outrageous accusations and apauling behavior of the American police dealing with him.


Back to my point, there were so many journalists and pulic figures tearing this man appart for years.. he gave MILLIONS of dollars to charities around the world and allowed disadvantaged children a great day out at neverland.. FREE.


Its a cruel world, yet he still had faith in the human race? Incredible.


I think everyone could learn someting from the way he lived his life.


As I sat watching the television today I saw an advert for "the last days of Michael Jackson"

the narator said something along the lines of "..on the other hand, crippled by debt and allegedly abusing pain killers in order to get..."


I mean WTF!??!?! They are focusing on ALLEGATIONS?? Money hungry barstweards if you ask me!!! Why don't we look at the FACTS about his life like having the number one album sales of all time or over-generous donations to charities but NOOO already they are conspiring about his cause of death.



It sickens me and has taught me to seriously think about EVERY article on television, in papers/magazines and wherever else.



Just wanted to rant about that :)


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