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It is now official

Mystic Rose


Alright, so as of this morning, I am regsitered for 6 classes for the upcoming fall term. The nice thing is one of them is only for 3 months 9 (mini term), which I didn't realize when I registered. :blush:


Plus, it doesn't start until October, so I start in August with only 5 classes, and I don't have to be there until 10:30am.


So it's done, and you know what? This semester will be a GREAT semester! :yes:


We went away for some R & R classses start the 20th so um it will be a while till our next vacation I think.


Oh my gramps gave me $500.00 um just because.


I put it all into my savings.


I have to finish reading my library books I have 5 left.


OK that is all for now I guess.





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