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39 Delicious Flavors

Mystic Rose


What is your opinion on Jay Leno leaving in 2009?  

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1. Where do you hang your towel to dry after showering?



On my towel rack.



2. What kind of mouse pad do you have?



It is blue k




3. Do you brush your hair with a comb or a brush?



When my hair is wet a comb and then my brush.




4. In your opinion, who do you think is the hottest celebrity?



George Clooney




5. You have a project due tomorrow, do you use tape or glue?







6. Chicken or pork?







7. By the time you get to school, is it still dark?



yep so far this semester.




8. If you had a choice to be a unicorn or mermaid which would it be?







9. What color is your underwear?



mostly white





10. What time does the sun usually set?







11. What/who do you think of last before you go to sleep?



um Jay




12. AC or fan?







13. Do you wear braces?







14. Can you do a hand stand?







15. If you were the opposite sex, how would you style your hair?



long um I have no clue oh oh shave it all off



16. What level English are you in?



In HS I was in Ap classes




17. Jessica Simpson or Alba?







18. Which subject is worse, English or Math?



Both good, until you get to calculus, so Math, I guess






19. What's the one thing you really want to do at this moment?







20. What movie are you embarrassed to admit you've watched?






21. cd player or ipod ?







22. Would you rather spin upside down going 30 miles or drop 400 ft. into water?



I'd rather have root canal




23. Whats your favorite shape?



A pearl shaped diamond




24. What do you have planned for the weekend?



Study for uni and see Jay




25. Have you ever gone ice skating?



oh, yeah!




26. If you were put in a room with nothing except for a pencil and paper, what would you do?







27. Is it always easy finding your remote every time you want to watch TV?






28. How was your day?



It was hectic



29. Do you grow your nails, bite or cut them?



cut them right now




30. Describe your handwriting:



yuk I hate it




31. Do you consider yourself a stalker?



Um no




32. Do you bruise easily?



Oh, YES!




33. There`s nothing on TV except Barney and Japanese news what do you do?



turn the tv off grab a book and read or see one of my many dvd's




34. Do you know more than 3 myspace codes?






35. You got a essay due, you either can type or write in pen, which will it be?



type it




36. Do you wear jeans to relax at home?







37. Describe yourself using three words:



enthusiastic, giving, quiet




38. Do you use deodorant?



um antiperspirant



39. Do you like ice in your drink?



Yes, lots of it.




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