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Funny. At that "family gathering" I realised one of my aunts hates me because of silly childish jokes I made about her that she found out about. Regrets much? I hate the holliday season. Its supposed to be time for family yet I've done sweet fuck all. And any time I attempt to converse with the parents they're busy. Hahh. Plus the fact that there is not anything I want to say to them ayways. They take everything the wrong way and place unnecesary judgements. I also find round about this time of year I become clingy. Like, because I am seeing people constantly, when I am not, I feel lost and alone. Lol. And, I have swollen glands. Its a pain in the arse because it doesn't bother me until I poke the little balls under my mouth, then it hurts. But I still do it, boredom! Tomorow is new years! We have been invited to a party and someones house. Don't know which we are doing yet. Hopefully the house, it is my aunt & unkles who I love so much. They are just amazing people. Special to me. They arent even blood related but I hate to say it, they mean more to me than most of my family. That or unkles party, which would also be cool, but I can tell I'd be left bored and alone because it will be all adults and I cant seem to hold a conversation. I hope my parents dont deny both to lie about the effing house, nothing I hate more. Grr.


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