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Last Night



C can be such an idiot. Yesterday was R's birthday so he tells me he is going to call his bro and I figure he will let me know when R is on the phone so I can wish her a happy BD. Like I wait and C comes back in the room to tell me well I spoke to my bro and wished R a happy BD, and I am like well thanks for giving me a f'ing chance to wish R a happy BD. That just makes it look like I do not care to talk to R on her special day. He tells me he feels bad and apologizes and I tell him to forget it but he insists on making it all right. Again I tell him to FORGET IT as he walks out of the room so like I figure this is it done right NOT ........ The idiot comes back into the room like after 5 minutes with his cell phone. I could not believe what he was doing like what part of FORGET IT do you not understand. Damn it. As he gets closer to me I tell him not now as I wave him away from me, so he ends up telling R that I am in the bathroom and can not come to the phone. What a f'ing IDIOT. He just has a way of pissing me off at times ya know man like aaaahhhhh!!!!!!!


Oh yes kiddies we get into it yet again this morning IDIOT how many times do I have to tell him to pick up the sh*t he has left lying around by the front door. I f'ing almost killed myself this morning and yes I yelled at him as I started to pick up HIS crap. He is so unorganized both at home and at work drives me up the wall oh man y'all should see his car what a mess.


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