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Things that I have learned from life:

Mystic Rose


Things that I have learned from life:


1. Love always requries work.

2. But love is always rewarding

3. Stick skinny is not always attractive. Curves are sexy.

4. You have to go through trials in order to love what you have.

5. Sometimes all you can rely on is faith in something far greater than this

6. Everyone you meet can teach you something

7. Don't settle for less

8. Don't wait for something to happen, MAKE it happen

9. Job hunting sucks

10. I am loved. You are loved.

11. A smile goes such a long way

12. Life is full of heroism. Be a hero.

13. What's so wrong with believing in Santa Clause?

14. Chocolate heals the soul

15. Diets (however helpful they may be) kill the soul


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