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Life is .............



What is your opinion on Jay Leno leaving in 2009?  

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SO FREAKIN' GREAT RIGHT NOW MAN IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a371/dream19/smileys%20only/yay.gif


Things have been going pretty good. My job rocks even though pt it still rocks. I love working with da animals plus my boss freakin' is the best man. I LOVE HER . Really man she is da best. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a371/dream19/smileys%20only/happy088.gif I am not making enough money but that is cool my man works hard and we both do well payng da bills and rent etc........

He has a really good career lucky he is to finally be doing what he studied so hard for in college hell I want to get my career going I am really tired of college. I WANT MY DEGREE!!!!!!!

Coolio I got that off my chest ha ha ......... Well I am off to the gym I wanted to go with A but she is still sleeping anyhoo I am off by myself and then work. I love my Life. I love my sis/familiy and I Love my man http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a371/dream19/smileys%20only/grouphug.gif IT IS ALL GOOD.

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