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It my thing

Mystic Rose


I am so hooked on YouTube oh my love that place.


I am on there right now as I write.


I have been working at the vets office once again I am learning new things --- the kind of things that only life can teach you --- the things you can not learn in any text book.


I have tomorrow off.


So I plan on going to bed late and waking up late.


Jay called me earlier we talked for a while he is so cute.


We are making plans for this weekend hopefully he will be spending Christmas over here with me (us) that will be great.


Im very excited to be able to spend christmas day with him it will be so special.


I need to get to the gym also tomorrow.


I have been eating all the holiday goodies too I probably gained some of what I had lost. C put the exercise bike in the living room by the big window. Myabe a hint to us gals in the house.


I do not care. I refuse to conform to anothers standards. I am me.


Wow I have come a long way.


I think I will go look around the forum for a few and I am off to bed.


Night all.


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