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What is your opinion on Jay Leno leaving in 2009?  

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Yo on Saturday went out for a girls night out and well I had a blast man. We headed out to eat dinner and then to LaBare an adults club for ladies in celebration of the end of a very long college semester. OMG the men there are so HOT we had so much fun and I drank too much and got up on stage with the hottie that was up there dancing. YUMMY. Hee hee way cool man to be so close to such a stud. :eyebrow: The rest of my night has adult content so I will continue my story on my other online journal. Sorry kiddies. Let us just say I went home and my man was really happy to see me. Hee hee. As far as this morning man how's it gonna be? well I slept in not that I wanted to have stuff to take care of before I head off to work. Eh anyway....I suppose I should go and begin to be productive. I haven't even had a shower yet, and if that's any indication of how much procrastination will be done today, I'm in major trouble. I so need to get my booty in gear. Later man. :popcorn:


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