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I have now met the parents oh my

Mystic Rose


I have now met Jay's parents oh my :ph34r:


This afternoon was exciting to meet them oh my they are so very nice. It was great.


We had a real nice lunch all cuban food.


His mom was REALLY nice and his whole family seemed pretty cool. Very down to earth.


His dad made a few corny jokes oh I also met his grandmother. Um la abuella. LOL not sure if that is how you spell it. :rolleyes:


I am learning new words in spanish everyday.


Jay later told me that I was the first person to meet all of his family. :blush:


We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon just talking and making jokes. Oh my the food was so so good.


He will be coming over to watch Family Guy and American Dad with me tonight.


We are going to hang with my sisiter and C to watch the shows.



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I am happy to see you so happy. Hell maybe I do not say it all that often but I love ya sis anyhoo Jay is a coolio guy man ......... He is off da chain. :popcorn:
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