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Mystic Rose


K I know I did well in my final today.


I studied hard.


K Today just started out bad... I woke up from a freaky dream to a pounding headache.


I am sure it is a stress headache.


When I finaly got out of bed to take something for my head, I started sneezing from allergies!


All my sneezing just made just made my head hurt so much more pounding!


It has lasted for most of the day.


I am home now took more pills so I am just trying to relax just a little till I have to go study.


School ends on the 15th and then I finally can go on my winter break.


I've signed up for classes.


Financial aid, poop its starting to really stress me out.


I so do not need any extra stress.


As for things with Jay they are going well. We talk on the phone every night for a little while when I take a break from my studies.


I am going to relax for a few more minutes search the web, check my email, check out TAPS.


Again timing myself.




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