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Mystic Rose


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As you all can tell I am in no mood to come up with a entry title.


I am sooooo stressed out right now.


I haven't gotten a good night sleep in a couple days.


I need to sleep.


I will be going to bed soon early and I am taking some pills to help me sleep.


Over the counter stuff.


I am out of options.


The fibromyalgia (flares up) that is the problem.


I do not want to talk about it.


Only that it keeps me up all night!


I have to re-write a paper, or make many changes to it, and study for finals that are coming up.


Christmas is right around the corner, I need money for gifts!


Not all that much the way we do christmas shopping since the family is HUGE we pick a family memebers name out of a hat and buy for that memeber.


I want to get something for my parents.


I see gift cards.


I don't know if I'll get to spend the weekend with Jay which makes me sad.


I need sleep and I need to study.


I need to find time to get all my school work done, and the weekend is the most obvious time to do that stuff.


I am all set for this upcoming semester thanks you F.A. and my scholorship helps out and yes my great parents.


I'm taking 6 classes one more than this last semester.


I am stressed beyond belief just thinking about the next semester. Oh my!


I just needed to vent for the most part.


Well good night.


I do hope I can sleep tight tonight.


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