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What is your opinion on Jay Leno leaving in 2009?  

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Good to be home hectic day and it is not over by a long shot man. Just wanna chill before I get started on more stuff. Finally my essay is done ready to get handed in Friday. Coolio. I'm all caught up in my readings for my education class. Stuff done still stressed as per usual man. I have had it with this semester really glad to see it end.


I am so making the time to be with my man meh not tonight he works late but oh come hell or high water tomorrow night for sure it is so on hell yes. I want him like now. Hell I need to relesase some tension if ya know what I mean and it is on baby. :eyebrow:


Coolio news man --- well it is great news but naw not gonna share it screw it I am too tired all I wanna do right now is curl up in my bed and relax. Man just for like 30 minutes. I so am not in the mood for much just wanna chill that is what I am gonna do I am gonna take my clothes off --- stay in my undies and curl up in my bed.




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