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All good things must come to an end I guess ... so

Mystic Rose


Ok so where to start um our brother left this morning sad now I really hate goodbyes.


Jay also left this morning again I am sad. But I get to see him again tonight he is coming by to watch FG/AD with us so happy again.


Jay we had a long talk last night along with lots of hugging and sweet kisses. :blush: *squeee *

He makes me happy we talked about just dating each other and no one else wow this threw me


Funny I am sitting here wearing a Santa hat woot! woot!


We got all of the Christmas stuff down from the attic this weekend oh my our house looks beatiful especially at night. Awesome!


I love christmaswhat else can I blabber about in this rambling entry?


Um could it be Jay and I are meant to be um only time will tell I so did enjoy his company these past few days and seeing what he looks like in the morning hee hee cool. :blush: *squeee *


I so do not want to see food oh my I have eaten way to much.


Will be going to the gym tomorrow.


Today I want to do a day just for me all about me well till Jay comes over. I am in a need to be alone kinda mood.


Oops my cell phone rang and it was Jay how very sweet he just wanted to tell me he can not wait to see me again along with some other juicy things.


Um need to re read lost my track um


I am doing way too many things at once right now.


I am on here and on another journal I keep plus other forums etc....

Just vegging out.


EEERRRR!!!! Uni tomorrow Argh! I hate when break goes by so fast...I hate this... :angry:


My mini vacation is over wow my break just flew out the window. :angry: :(


I think I'm still gonna go into Uni earlier than the usual time tomorrow as I usually do even though its starting later so that I can get some work done. Plus hit the campus gym work off all the food I have eaten these past few days.


I have One word FINALS !

They are a coming real soon so here comes the stress that is my life as a college student.


I just can't wait til the next few weeks are over because then its revision week, exam week. eeerrr STRESS!


But the end will be winter break for Christmas yay me.


A week of lectures blah! blah!


Enough for today I just want a nice day to relax and veg out.


So I am a slacker today. http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j295/HaloGal_photos/smileys%20only/53228x3xzayi4cu.gif




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