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Hokay, what a day so...

Mystic Rose


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What a day I am so very tired my entire body hurts.


We went bowling. I am tired and in pain. :(


But I did have fun all in all lots of fun fun fun. :)


I am happy to be home. I am waiting on Jay to take his shower etc....


Also waiting on Julie. We are going out to eat tonight and I think play more poker.


I am learning the game it is kinda fun.


Today has been a very fun day. Tonight I need to relax.


Jay was so much fun last night and he even stayed over yay me hee hee :blush: he looks so sexy in the mornin in his pajamas. hee hee.


I want him to stay again tonight *crosses fingers*


No school (although I do have homework, that I don't really plan on doing...), nothing planned, no alarm clock, it's been nice. Just having fun.


I will get to my homework um later.


Everyday of the past few weeks has sucked with stress and school. Slacking off just a little is making feel alive again. um kinda.


I was able to talk to mom and dad last night thank you Lord.


So many things are changing in my life because I am changing. B)


I am finally being true to myself. Feels good Lord.


My blogging bet is going well with my sister and I am still a little ahead so I am on here a blogging to stay ahead. hee hee


No time to post or look at the forum um my guess is nothing really new there anyways. :rolleyes:


I have to go now, more later.




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