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Our Bet and more ................



What is your opinion on Jay Leno leaving in 2009?  

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Ok Ok seems like right now my little sis is kicking my a$$ on a bet we have even with a toothache BLAH!

It is NOT over as of yet man and sis STOP MOVING STUFF AROUND!!!!!!!

:angry: driving me insane so if ya do it again I will hurt ya bad. :P


Anyhoo Homework it is so hard to get everything done man oh man like the day does not have enough hours ya know it can stink. Well that is life at times I feel you live it sucks eggs then u die. BYE! BYE! I volunteered at the HS today it was early release --- :) I remember those anyhoo I stayed a few hours extra to help the teacher I am voulunteering with and get some added hours. I also wanted to see what he does on early release days ya know they (the teachers) stay and work go figure man. Went to class the usual my man is coming home real soon I can not wait to be in his loving strong arms. http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a371/dream19/sigs%20only/smileys%20only/wub.gif

Tomorrow I have to see about my office hours with my boss yep yep man gotta make some money honey. Oh a money rant that I agree with:


I absolutely hate money. Its that necessary evil in everyones life. You have money even before youre born and money is what give you social status, power, anything you need. I hate it. i wish that everything wasnt so expensive. I dont want to buy $10 lunchs, but it just turns out that way ya know? I work all these hours and i feel like I get nowhere with my money. It is so quickly gone. Sucks having to live paycheck to paycheck just to pay da rent etc........ thats insane. That Abba song comes to mind (damn my mom and her oldies) http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a371/dream19/sigs%20only/smileys%20only/happy030.gif


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