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Mystic Rose


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It was just nice to have a couple really nice things happen today. I needed that. so im glad. :) yay


First thing my exam went well oh my I am sure I passed it so happy with the exam and I am happy due to the fact that it was my last one for the week.


Also in class this morning he was there all so sexy oh my I get the butterflies in my stomach silly I know but that is how he makes me feel.


Oh my even with the pain I was still feeling with my tooth.


My heart was all utterly twitterpated (butterflies) when he was suddenly looking at me and smiling. I just said hi back and tried to act suave without getting utterly giddy. Silly I know. I know.



But good lord, that's fun. you know, that moment when you get a strong feeling that someone is looking at you in a certain way, maybe trying to make a connection on some level, and you just *know* it.


And of course you don't fully know, which charges the moment with rather a lot of excitement and conjecture and curiosity and wondering. makes it even more interesting. :blush:


He is so hot so beautiful oh my he said hi standing there in front of me oh my so sexy. Looking at me with that smile on his beautiful face made my morning.


My instincts say yes. but y' all know. Oh my if I know. but a definite maybe!


He has been sending out nothing but great vibes since the day we met.


Oh my I am changing at times I scare myself really.


Not a bad start to my day at all, really. :D


The dentist also went extremly well hee hee at the moment I am all doped up yay me!


My cheeck feels like it is full of walnuts kinda I guess that is what it feels like at the moment.


My dentist did her magic and she has taken care of the problem there will be no need for no root canal no no no I am very happy this woman is awesome great doctor.


I have a bad habit at times of thinking about the worse case scenario.


Good Lord I am hungry all I have is some milk I had around 4:00 am this morning, but I can not eat till later and it will have to be more soup.


Tomorrow I plan to pick up my room and vaccum it and of course clean up my bathroom.


I do hope I am not in any major pain 'cause I still need to study and get school work done as usual plus have some time for just me mmmm I long hot bubble bath would be so wonderful. :)


SO! I just want a break.


All in all the best day ever!


Hee Hee for this week so far :rolleyes: I just really like saying things like that. hehe. this is the best day EVER! B)


Y'all know it is just nice to have a couple really nice things happen today. I needed that.


I'am very glad.


Thank you Lord.




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