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My Throbbing Tooth

Mystic Rose


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Today the pain is there for sure reminding me of what needs to be done a root canal although I am thinking of having it pulled.


As I sit here and write this I am in pain oh my the throbbing. Ugh my throbbing tooth I so hate you right now I want you gone one way or another.


I managed to get my exam outta the way this morning plus other important things that needed to reach my profs. hands, but I had to leave and come home.


Thank God .... Thank God for home.


I am in luck that my prof. all know what is wrong with me and they have been way nice to me so far so good.


I have an appt. with the dentist on the 27th I think (need to double check it), but I see me calling her either to see her sooner and if she is booked then I need some kind of pain killer. ASAP!


I need to study have one more exam tomorrow and thank the Lord it is my last one for this week.


Now all I can think about popping more bayer down my throat. Um I want the entire bottle.


I will pop the bayer give it time to work and I will have soup for lunch needs to be lukewarm too hot will hurt my stupid tooth. :( :angry:



I really hate pain.


Pain not cool.


EDIT: aaahhh the relief that only bayer can bring to my tooth. Wow I am feeling better um for now anyways I know the pain will be back.


I have posted and blogged now for some soup.




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