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I have another large headache again. I can feel the veins in my temple pulsating. I am guessing it is the stress of exams etc... Man I have popped excederin and it is taking forever to work. I am trying to focus on stuff but I need a break, so I am taking one coming on here and over there LOL. C is playing his online poker we had dinner and did a little tv bonding. Then it was back to the books. Exams are a biotch and I really hate taking them even if I am 100% ready for them anyhoo I at least tell myself I am ready 100%. Blah I have to do my vol. hours tomorrow not feeling it right now I think it is BCC again I HATE Those KIDS. The AP and Honors kids are the best then you have what they call the regulars they are 1/2 and 1/2 pain/ok.


There are times that I feel like screaming ........ Is it so wrong to just live a simple life?

Man it seeems so far away. Ain't it so man.



Eudaimonia: Blessedly happy. Feeling like you have everything you need and want, despite the reality that you don't have everything you need. You're happy with who you are, the people in your life, the (few) things you have, love, and life in general. You don't have everything, nor do you want or need everything. It's a simple, universal happiness.


That's how I feel (despite being stressed out, having headaches and always being tired). Maybe the ancient (greek) philosophy of eudaimonia can't exist in a capitalist Western society.

But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the simplicity of life and love as it should be. BACK TO THE GRIND. BLAH


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