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Good luck. Was that a vent?

Mystic Rose


I can not wait until Thanksgiving break on the 21st.


But I have a couple more weeks to survive!


Wish me luck!!


Dare I say my papers are done and all set to be handed in on Monday.



Registeration day will soon be peeping its ugly head once again oh my and back to meeting with my advisor.


Last time I went to the wrong place to meet with my advisor, but at least now I know exactly where to go and who to see for next semesters classes.


Wow this semester is (my very first one) almost gone. yay me. :)


I will have to put in some hours at the vets for school my boss (one of the vets) has decided to be my mentor.


This will all be for next semester. They have me on call at the moment due to my heavy class load.


Long story.


Well on a happy note I did get an 83 on my Psych test. Which is yay but I got an 87 on my first one. so I dunno.


Random I am huh.


Next semester I take a class on animal behavior which sounds real interesting.


Today so far went to my classes. I've completed homework.


As for m y infromative speech I decided it will be on the plight of the greyhounds and all the horrible things they go through when they race.


This information I have researched high and low and it makes me sick and saddens my heart.


This is due on Tuesday and I do plan on being the first to do my speech.


Only because I will get it over with outta the way oh my I am very nervous.


My speech class has helped me plus other things I am doing for myself to "cure" myself of my shyness.


So that's all from me today.



Oh my yay my tooth is feeling better so I am hoping it continues to heal I so do not want a root canal.




Just as a random statement - jealousy with no reason is stupid, but sometimes one just can't help it.







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