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School Report

The Joker


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School as of now if kind've confusing. Our English teacher said if we fail his classon the 1st and 2nd semesters that we would flunk 8th grade.


In Ag. Science Mr. Crew's had to move into another room due to voting.. So we watched Over the Hedge.


In S.S. we are studying the Revolutionary War. Augh.. Annoying.. we have to do assignments over the Declaration of Independence... <_<


In Science we are studying how life was formed.. ><


Strings? We are like playing 6 to 7 songs for a concert I would assume.. One of them may be Attack of the Rosin Eating Zombies From Outerspace... We scream in the song and make munching sounds :blink: and make rapid glissing and make screeching noises behind the bridge.. @_@ AHHHHHHHHH!


Overall, our school is building a new building about 4 miles or less or more away from our school to extend our school.. ^_^ Next year... wait no.. in 2008 when I'm a Freshman.. ^_^ YAY!


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