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I Owe Ya'll And Explanation

The Joker


>_< I just hate computers.. Far back in April or May the computer crashed ONCE again so we were fretting over it for a while. Then I yes I eventually forgot that we had one!! >> Yeah right. So FINALLY my dad came up outta the blue and FIXED it!! Just like THAT!... So now everyone probably forgot about ol' AngieWolf. >> (I know a lot about computers and web servers that my ol' daddy o') I'm trying to create a very nice chatroom now... So ^_^.


ALSO, does anyone know of a good place to get Java!!?? Instead of Java.com. It works like... >> << SHIT.

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If you're wanting to program, I hear that nothing is more advanced than Sun Java. I don't want this to be taken as a form of advertising, so I won't post a link unless you want it. It's easily found through Google.


Don't take my word for it, though. I can't read or program it.

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