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Well..today was the family cook out. Joy -____-. I get there at 10:30, came home around 5:00 ish </3. I think my cousins came around 1:00. So most of the time I was watching some lifetime movie that made me cry. Then my cousin came and we went straight to the pool. I think i stayed in for like 50 seconds maybe? It was freeeeeezing =( I got out and just chilled 4 a while. Then the ppl flooded in. My lil cousin came w/ out my other lil cousin josh. I guess he was in Maine.Which was 100 % not fair since i was stuck there. Then the food came..I guess that was good x3. I had to hamburgers and a truckload of fruit (mainly watermelon) then watched a lil TV, then back to the pool. After i watched some more TV. Eventually my cousin had to leave. So when i told my parents i wanted to go they said yea. Around 50 minutes after we left -__-. I should have been smart and brought my cell phone. Goodness. Sadly that basically covers today.





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