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Obviously i have something incredibly wrong with me. Mike..you know i seriously thought he was just the nicest funniest guy ((evvverrr)). Well hes starting to make me feel like hes trash. Today during champions day i saw him like 10000 zillion times but he never once said hi. I was already mad at him cause supposedly hes been checking out a bunch of girls.I WAS UPSET.NICK IS MY BFFL.HE GIVES ME HUGS.MIKE SAW.SO WHAT YEAH I KNOW. So online he goes "look you dont want me checkin out hot girls && i dont want you huggin nick. i dont like that very much" then he goes onnnn and onnn and onnnnnnn about how nick only said that mike was doing all this stuff so that mike would be dumped and nick could get some. its so stupid. ughhh!


anyways heres my myspace.





its on private so dont be a loser and think u,who doesnt even know me can be added as my friend. if ur my friend on here okay its cool. but i actually add people, and ONLY the people who r madd good friends with me. =] k so lettin u know.


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