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Fun in the Sinister Way



Okay, I'll tell you what happened to us today. Or what we did. Well, me and Angela were lounging around the beach like half the day and we got our tans. (Oh Goody!) So Angela and me went around the town and pulled pranks on the beach goers. Like there was this one dude who bought sunscreen and we hid it around his blanket and put in a replacement one that had sand it it. The unwary dude opened the top and squeezed what he though was lotion on his face, (his eyes and mouth were closed)but instead a bunch of sand cascaded down on his face. BOY WAS HE EVER MAD. Then he found his other lotion and made sure there was lotion in it before squeezing.


Then Angela and me put some red hot sauce in what was thought to be fruit punch in this guy's glass. :lol: He was screaming, "WATER, WHERE'S THE D*** WATER!!" Angela cracked up.


So that was enough sinister moves for one day. Angela and me went to a movie theater then to water park in the area.





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