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Patrick At Meh School!!

The Joker


Okay, I was at school on Friday.. So during lunch I got an envelope from the Guidance Office from someone I knew from school y' know? Well, I opened it and there was a beautiful locket that had a glittering Sapphire and Amethyst (Mine and Patrick's birthstones) I opened it and there was a picture of Patrick and me hugging!! I read the note and it said.. "After school go to one of the school sheds and knock on the door." I was like.. :huh: What? So after school I called home to say that there was a pizza party in the Library and I wouldn't be home 'till 6 o' clock.


I went to the shed and knocked on all of the doors and then suddenly as I knocked on one of the doors Patrick appeared out of nowhere and hugged me and kissed me saying "I missed you so much" like frequently. I shrugged from him and like stared at him like :huh: and he frowned and asked, "What? Can't a guy show a little love?" He smiled and gave me loads of gifts from France and London and Ireland.. :o



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